Lichen-covered granite in Yosemite National Park. Photo by Ben Young Landis.


Creative Externalities is a collective of dreamers, communicators, and scholars. We design lasting impact for science, environment, and society.

Individually, we operate our own consultancies and businesses, each playing to our individual talents and expertise. But we have the most fun when we can collaborate with one another as a team — our creative strengths in synergy.

Creative Externalities was conceived and established by Ben Young Landis.

What We Do

Three core activities define our Creative Externalities collective:

Consulting: We produce stories, designs, and strategies to advance other organizations.

Coaching: We lead trainings and facilitations to empower individuals and institutions.

Creating: We author original works, projects, and scholarship to explore our own potential and contribute to the fabric of the world.

The Name

In the study of economics, “externalities” is the term describing the additional consequences of a party’s actions.

There can be positive externalities. A lushly planted neighborhood park is built for locals to recreate in — but it reaps additional value to the greater region by providing clean air, habitat for wildlife, and increased civic pride and physical health in residents.

There can also be negative externalities. One person using a gas-powered leafblower can clear their own property of fallen leaves — but ends up adding detrimental costs to everyone else in the neighborhood by spreading dust, emissions, and noise pollution to other properties and residents.

I believe in generating Creative Externalities. In everything that I set out to do, I am confident that the end product will provide value to the client. But, I am also hopeful that our effort will affect further ripples of positive good for many others more. The societal benefits and intrinsic beauty produced from one creative effort or design will, in turn, radiate further out into the world.

Create a new brand for an organic farm, and in turn, their improved visibility will teach more customers about sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship. Train a scientist to be a better communicator, and in turn, their improved skills will lead to more people understanding the everyday relevance of their research. Design a marketing strategy to promote a journalism conference, and in turn, their improved attendance will nurture more skilled journalists and a stronger civil society.

Creative Externalities is a philosophy — and I hope you will join us in sharing this way of work and life.

— Ben Young Landis

House Rules

  1. Have fun.
  2. Do no harm.
  3. Leave the world a better place.
The logo for Creative Externalities. It is a square shape with the text C R 8 X T in white, against an orange background.